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Spiritual Anatomy

Feb 24, 2011No Comments

The two kidneys embody active and passive trust in God, taking initiative and relying solely on God. More generally, the endocrine and immune systems correspond

Ex Nihilo

Feb 24, 20111 Comment

We – every aspect of reality – are continuously being created ex nihilo to serve our Creator. God doesn’t need our service, He can manage

Saying “I”

Feb 24, 2011No Comments

Only an expert physician can prescribe poison to heal. For a spiritual healer this means saying “I.” The humble sage Hillel said “If I am

Short and Sweet

Feb 24, 2011No Comments

In Kabbalah, the left line is “short” at the bottom but “sweet” at the top – short and sweet. “Short,” 390 = 15 times 26.

God’s Holy Game

Feb 24, 2011No Comments

When the mind is too tired to study a Torah text in depth, that’s the time to count its letters. God created mathematics for relaxation.

Seeing God Everywhere

Feb 24, 2011No Comments

The essence of Jewish meditation is the concentrated effort of the soul to search for and find God in every experience of our lives. Every

Sukot and Charity

Feb 24, 2011No Comments

“All of Israel can sit in one sukah.” All sukahs are connected. Each sukah is a cell, the cells unite to become one living, joyful

Counting the Days

Feb 24, 2011No Comments

Jews like to count, from money to days to letters of Torah and their gematria. Counting keeps us sane. But choose what counts most for

Seeing Beauty, Hearing Truth

Feb 24, 2011No Comments

In this world we can reach deeper into the soul by hearing than by seeing. But good sight is also important. We see beauty and

God is All, All is God

Feb 24, 2011No Comments

Extroverted light covers introverted light as a body covers a soul. But introverted light eventually becomes extroverted, and vice-versa. Soul will become body and body