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Moses and the Fish of Adar

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There are a number of central figures connected to the month of Adar: Moses, who was born and died on the 7th of Adar, and

Rebbe Baruch of Garelitz: Fine Distinction ...

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Rebbe Baruch of Garelizt was the fifth son of Rebbe Chaim of Sanz, the ‘Divrei Chaim.’ He was born in 5589 (1829) to his father,

The Torah-Based Defense Minister

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What does the Torah say about security? Warfare, enlistment and training, tactics and military method – something is missing from all these elements of security.

Q&A: Is There Anything Holy About Femi...

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Q: How can the Rabbi talk about positive aspects of feminism? The feminist movement is completely secular and certainly there is nothing Jewish about it.

Message from Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh: Vote...

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Hightlight Text BSD To all of our dear students in the Holy Land, may it be rebuilt speedily in our days, God’s blessing upon you!

Ba’al Shem Tov: Think Good and it Will Be...

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When the Ba’al Shem Tov was about ten years old, he was already a member of the company of hidden tzadikim. At seventeen years old,

The Kabbalah of Politics

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Print this article in PDF format The Kabbalah of Political Opinions One of the beautiful models of the contemporary political map in Israeli politics goes

Adar: Win the Wrestling Match with Joy

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Print this article in PDF format Win the Wrestling Match with Joy The sages say that, “When Adar begins, we increase joy.” Every day, we

Mishpatim: Mind, Psyche and Making Choices

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1. Parashah (Mishpatim): Milk and meat, how can 2 positives make a negative? 2. Mind and psyche: 4 types of conflict and one more 3.

Q&A: Critical Nature Rectification

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Q:  I have a critical nature and am often verbally critical.  Recently I have come to see that it has caused me heartache and alienation. What