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Containing the lights

Feb 19, 2014No Comments

When the Jewish people in its entirety stood beneath Mt.Sinai to receive the Torah, they experienced a miracle greater than the exodus from Egypt and


The Book of Ruth – On line Class

Jun 27, 2016Comments off

Recording of this month’s live English class, given in Jerusalem. Rabbi Ginsburgh explored the interplay between the protagonists in the Scroll of Ruth and modern


Iyar: The Month of Iyar According to Sefer ...

Mar 24, 2014No Comments

The Jewish Month of Iyar According to Sefer Yetzirah, each month of the Jewish year has a letter of the Hebrew alphabet, a zodiac sign, one


Parshat Emor: Do Our Hearts Have Room for G...

Mar 10, 2014No Comments

Audio This article is based on a recorded lecture. You can listen to the lecture by clicking here. (You can also download the lecture by right-clicking this