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Five Revelations of Light

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The five revelations of light that Moses received in his vision correspond to five Divine revelations that became potently manifest in the secret of the


The All-Encompassing South

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In some of our previous articles this year (5774), we offered a few two-word phrases that carry the initials ע”ד (that have a numerical value


Containing the lights

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When the Jewish people in its entirety stood beneath Mt.Sinai to receive the Torah, they experienced a miracle greater than the exodus from Egypt and

Mishpatim: Jewish law and the secret of the...

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Parashat Mishpatim jumps straight into the deep end of Jewish law―the laws of servants, damages, guardians and many others. In the previous parashah we read about the unique

Parashat Terumah: Contributing to the Taber...

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Parashat Terumah begins with the commandment, “You shall take for Me a contribution…” This verse can actually be seen as a heading for all the coming parashot through

Parashat Ki tisa: Understanding the sin of ...

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The sin of the Golden Calf divides Parashat Ki Tisa into two parts – before the sin and after it. At first glance, it seems that the

Making the right diagnosis

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In the parashot of Tazria-Metzora we learn about the disease of tzara’at (Biblical leprosy) and how the individual suffering from it is purified. Although nowadays we have no way to actively

The Torah’s greatest principle: Love your...

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Rabbi Akiva said, “Love your fellow as yourself” is a great principle of the Torah. A similar principle is gleaned from the famous story of

Sanctifying God’s Name

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In Parashat Emor we are commanded, “Do not desecrate My Holy Name, and I shall be sanctified within the Children of Israel.” These two mitzvot (commandments), desecrating God’s Name

Counting time – Sabbatical Year

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The mitzvot of shmitah (the sabbatical year; pl. shmitot) and yovel (the Jubilee year) are enumerated in Parashat Behar where we learn that every seventh year is a shmitah year and the year following every seven shmitah cycles is