The Righteous Academy (Now Accepting Admiss...

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One of the most famous figures in the Chassidic world is Rabbi Elimelech of Lizensk, who is also sometimes referred to by the name of

Secrets behind mankind’s creation ...

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“Let us create man in our image and our likeness.” Who was God addressing before creating man? The sages offer four different answers, the deepest

Where Chabad and Breslov Meet

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[Translator’s note: the key word in this article is תְּמִימוּת which generally refers to “sincerity” (Yiddish: ehrnstkeit). Since it has a number of different nuances it has

19 Kislev: Redoubling our Efforts to Spread...

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Anyone who is released from prison must thank God. But, only under very special circumstances does such an event become a festive day that is

19 Kislev: Prisoners’ Solidarity – ...

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Rabbi Shneur Zalman coined the phrase, “living with the times” which means to live life in the light of the weekly Torah portion; and to

The Heart that Never Sleeps: My Perfect One...

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The Jew reaches the highest level of service–“my perfect one”–when he perfects” G-d in His relationship to the world (in His revealed presence in the

The Heart that Never Sleeps: The Voice of M...

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Teshuva begins with the spontaneous sensing of one’s heartbeat. This is called “arousal from above”, since any spontaneous sensation of spiritual light is a gift given

The Heart that Never Sleeps: Yet My Heart I...

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Here, “heart” does not refer to the emotive powers of the heart, such as the conscious love of G-d. These powers, along with the power

The Heart that Never Sleeps: Open to Me

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In order to “see” the Creator, the initial “arousal from above must be followed by “arousal from below”. In the Song of Songs G-d and

The Heart that Never Sleeps: And My Locks w...

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Only with the most intense yet sublime might can infinite kindness and leisure be conveyed to finite recipients. This might effects the contraction (tzimtzum) of