Bati Legani 5710 – “I have come...

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Download the PDF Here: E66-0507a

10th and 11th of Shevat Farbrengen – ...

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Download the PDF here: 11-Shevat-5769a

The Rebbe’s Last Message

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You can download this document in PDF format by clicking here: E68-06A10 Living with the times: The month of Adar A gut voch. We are now in the midst of

The Heart that Never Sleeps: My Sister

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The love between brother and sister differs from the love between man and wife in three respects. Unlike marital love, fraternal love does not depend

The Heart that Never Sleeps: My Dove

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Doves are the most loyal mates of all creatures in nature. Doves never remate. This instinctive loyalty is expressed in their gaze. Mated doves continually

Overview of Chassidut (Chassidus)

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Chassidut (or, Chassidus) is the movement within Judaism founded by Rabbi Yisrael Ba’al Shem Tov (5458 – 5520 [1698-1760 CE]. Its purpose is to awaken the Jewish

The Heart that Never Sleeps: For My Head is...

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Dew, unlike rain, does not depend upon evaporation from the ground below. Thus, dew is symbolic of the gift of Divine Revelation that does not

The Heart that Never Sleeps: Conclusion: My...

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When serving G-d, one must as a rule proceed in order through each of the four successive levels–sister, companion, dove and perfect one. From the

The Heart that Never Sleeps: I am asleep

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The exile of the Jewish soul–the apparent loss of Jewish identity–is compared to a state of sleep. In sleep the eyes are closed to outer

The Heart that Never Sleeps: My Companion

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“Companion describes the closeness between marriage partners which follows the sister. brother relationship. This state of love is born anew in the heart through experiencing