Hoshanot: The Meaning of “Ani Vahu”

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You can view and/or view a PDF version of this article here: Hoshanot: Ani Vahu – PDF Hoshanot One of the high points of the

From Teshuvah to Redemption – The Sec...

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בע”ה A Generation of Seekers Our generation is a generation of teshuvah. Teshuvah begins by seeking for the truth, searching for who I am, and

Teshuvah on Sukot on the Public Scale (Tora...

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Photo Credit: Leopold Pilichowski – easyart.com Three Types of Teshuvah Ours is a generation of teshuvah (return to God) and teshuvah is one of the

Why A Sukah Cannot be Taller Than 20 Cubits

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DATE AND LOCATION Tishrei 20, 5766 | October 22, 2005 in the Kitov Family Sukah, Jerusalem SUMMARY The Talmud cites three differing opinions on the

Why a Sukah cannot be Higher than 20 Cubits

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Sukot: The Festival of Joy that Cures Bipol...

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Just a few days after Yom Kippur, we reach the joyful festival of Sukot.[1] While all three pilgrimage festivals mentioned in the Torah are joyful occasions,

Resources for Sukot

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Written article Understanding the Tishrei Holidays  Audio recording Written article Why a sukah cannot be higher than 20 cubits For 7 days from the 15th

The Inner Meaning of the Four Species

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Our sages interpret the verse (Psalms 35:10), “All my bones [i.e., my entire being] shall say O’ God, who is like You?'” to refer to