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Breaking Equal Rights

Jun 16, 2014Comments off

Korach’s claim was that “The entire congregation are all holy” but why isn’t this claim considered just?” On Mt. Sinai it says, “And you shall

Tamuz: The Symbol of Life

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As these words were being written, Jewish people all over the world united in prayer waiting for a sign of life from the kidnapped boys.

The Festival of Shavu’ot

Mar 24, 2014No Comments

The verse immediately following the account of the giving of the Ten Commandments to Israel by G-d at Mt. Sinai, which summarizes the experience of

Parshat Naso: The Flow of Paradox

Mar 13, 2014No Comments

Audio This article is based on a recorded lecture. You can listen to the lecture by clicking here. (You can also download the lecture by right-clicking this

Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus?

May 11, 2017Comments off

In this lesson, Rabbi Ginsburgh expounds upon the soul differences between men and women and reveals how to rectify ourselves, our relationships and the entire

We can always repent!

Mar 16, 2017Comments off

The sin of the Golden Calf comes upon us suddenly, after the pinnacle of spirituality experienced by the Jews—from a soaring peak to a cavernous

Five Revelations of Light

Feb 19, 2014No Comments

The five revelations of light that Moses received in his vision correspond to five Divine revelations that became potently manifest in the secret of the

Live Broadcast – The Holidays, the Se...

Jan 03, 2017Comments off

Inspired by the relationship between Chanukah and loving-kindness and between Purim and might, in this groundbreaking lecture, Harav Ginsburgh explains how all the holidays on Jewish