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Living with the Torah’s Weekly Portion &#...

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Emor: Sunday: What to remember when you are big “Say to the Priests, the sons of Aaron and you shall say to them, they shall


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Parashat Vayikra delves into the world of sacrifices. A world containing a wealth of halachic details. A sacrifice is not merely a technical act. It

Passing Over into Redemption

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  Pesach is not a time for measured steps and gradual progression, but a daring leap directly to the goal God Passes Over What does

The Kabbalistic Promise of Passover, the mo...

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The Arizal promised that whomever would be careful with chametz during Passover would not sin all year long. How could he make this promise and

The Light and Dark Sides of King Solomon‏

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King Solomon was the wisest of all men. Yet, in spite of his being David’s son, who enjoyed peace in his time, and in spite

The War of the Reptiles

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The Zohar on Parashat Bo offers a mysterious and most profound explanation why God told Moses “Come to Pharaoh” instead of “Go to Pharaoh.” In

The Foundations of Maimonides Life and Thou...

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Following Maimonides’ incredible work, including his Code of Law, the Guide to the Perplexed, and his medical work, we learn about the many faces of

Jewish Law and the Secret of Infinity

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Following the festive, yet awe-inspiring Divine Revelation at Sinai, Parashat Mishpatim jumps straight in at the deep end of Jewish law. In this parashah, we

Names behind the redemption

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One of the interesting things about Parashat Shemot, which literally means, “Names,” is that aside from the initial listing of all the names of Jacob

From Rebuke to Blessing

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The highest level of blessing is sometimes concealed within stern rebuke In Parashat Vayechi, Jacob gathers his sons together to bless them before his death.