Exodus – Shemot

Tetzaveh: Essential Eights – Olive Oi...

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Listen to Audio Lecture here Eight Priestly Garments Correspond to the Eight Components of the Cherubim The main subject of this week’s Torah portion is the

The Seal of the Book of Exodus: God’s...

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Lecture No. E_010 The Weekly Torah Portion of: Vayakhel – Pekudai The Purpose of the Tabernacle Much of the book of Exodus relates to the details

Parashat Ki Tisa: The 4 origins of sin and ...

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Transcript This week’s parashah is parashat  Ki Tisa. The most important story that is related  in this week’s parashah is chet ha’eigel  the sin of the Golden Calf, which is an all inclusive

The Rebbe’s Last Message (page 2)

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Now, let us see the essential points that correspond to the sefirot of loving-kindness (chesed) and might (gevurah). Kabbalah describes that knowledge (da’at) is the

Parshat Yitro: Mt. Sinai in Three Dimension...

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Listen to Audio Lecture here Study Aid for Recorded Lecture: The Four Audio Visual Images at Mount Sinai The Torah gives a four-image description of

Parshat Yitro: United Before Mt. Sinai

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Facing the Mountain Parshat Yitro describes the giving of the Torah at Mt. Sinai. When the Jewish people arrived before Mt. Sinai the Torah states,1