Exodus – Shemot

Parshat Terumah Resources

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Exodus 25:1-27:19   Video available Experiencing miracles In the desert Tabernacle (and later, in the Temple in Jerusalem) three levels of miracle occurred daily, representing

Parshat Yitro: Parshah Resources

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Video available Giving Torah transforms introversion into extroversion  Moshe Rabbeinu began as an introvert, carrying a speech handicap, he was changed by the giving of

Parshat Beshalach: Parshah Resources

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Video available Splitting of the waters, above and below Based on the wording describing the splitting of the Red Sea, the sages learn that all

Experiencing the Exodus while praying

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Photo Credit: www.nachshonart.com Healing paranoia In Parashat Beshalach we reach the climax of the exodus from the Egyptian exile―the parting of the Red Sea and the

The War of the Reptiles

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The Zohar on Parashat Bo offers a mysterious and most profound explanation why God told Moses “Come to Pharaoh” instead of “Go to Pharaoh.” In