Exodus – Shemot

How Our Money Got into a Pretty Pickle

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This week, together with the weekly Torah portion of Pekudei, we read the additional portion of Parashat Shekalim, which is the commandment to give one half of

Parashat Terumah: Contributing to the Taber...

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Parashat Terumah begins with the commandment, “You shall take for Me a contribution…” This verse can actually be seen as a heading for all the coming parashot through

Parashat Ki tisa: Understanding the sin of ...

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The sin of the Golden Calf divides Parashat Ki Tisa into two parts – before the sin and after it. At first glance, it seems that the

Honoring Our Father and Mother

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Why do we need to honor our parents? You might ask, what is the question? Who knows what’s good for a child better than their

The Torah Portion of Tetzaveh: Aaron’s Pr...

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How much attention should men pay to their clothing? The standard reply is probably: a little, but not too much. Maimonides writes, “The clothing of

Patience! Patience!

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The sin of the Golden Calf is a sin of a lack of patience.[1] The Jewish People were waiting for Moses to descend from Mt. Sinai

We can always repent!

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The sin of the Golden Calf comes upon us suddenly, after the pinnacle of spirituality experienced by the Jews—from a soaring peak to a cavernous

Parshat Va’eira: Parshah Resources

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Video available Article availableCreation, the plagues, and the Torah   The 10 plagues were not only a punishment for the Egyptians. When looking at the