Genesis – Bereisheet

Living Time – Toldot

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Join our daily WhatsApp – send a message to +972-507951105 through WhatsApp Toldot: Sunday: Father and Son _“And these are the generations of Isaac the

Living Time – Chayei Sarah

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Join our daily WhatsApp – send a message to +972-507951105 through WhatsApp Sunday: Attune Your Tone and Make Beautiful Music “And the life of Sarah

Right and Left – Parashat Vayera

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Abraham constantly advanced from intellect to faith until the surprising climax at the Binding of Isaac Parashat Vayera is the second Torah portion that deals

Truth and Beauty – Parashat Lech Lech

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Loving-kindness bridges the gap between Abraham’s penchant for truth and Sarah’s beauty At the end of Parashat Noah, we read about Abraham’s birth, but apart

Vayishlach: Born Three Times

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We will begin by looking at the verb form of “to send,” שלח , the root of the name of ourparshah, Vayishlach. The numerical value of this verb

The All-Encompassing South

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In some of our previous articles this year (5774), we offered a few two-word phrases that carry the initials ע”ד (that have a numerical value

Vayeira: The Three Angels and their Mission...

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A Time to Create and the Creation of Time

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DATE AND LOCATION Tishrei 24, 5766 | October 22, 2005 at the Beit Knesset Merkazi, Kfar Chabad (Marantz Upshernish) SUMMARY The first verse of the

Tamar, an End to Bitterness

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The episode of Judah and Tamar that appears in this week’s parashah, Parashat Vayeishev, is one of the most mysterious stories of the Torah. A

Parshat Toldot: How Is Mazal Different From...

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Isaac On the Altar In Kabbalah, it is stated that until he was bound on the altar, Isaac could neither bond with a woman in