Numbers – Bamidbar

Breaking Equal Rights

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Korach’s claim was that “The entire congregation are all holy” but why isn’t this claim considered just?” On Mt. Sinai it says, “And you shall

The Tzitzit

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The Silent Desert: The Making of Leadership

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The fourth of the Five Books of Moses is commonly called Numbers (due to the census that begins it), but in Hebrew this book is

Rectifying the sin of the spies

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Parashat Shelach begins with the words, “Send yourself men to survey the land of Canaan….” What was the purpose of this assignment? There is obviously

Parshat Chukat: Why Is There Death in the W...

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Men, Women and Vows

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How many mitzvot and prohibitions can someone have? In addition to all the 613 regular mitzvot and all their details, anyone can commit themselves to

Shlach: Holy Espionage

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Summaries, Charts, Translations and aids for recorded lecture tapes by Rabbi Ginsburgh The following is a summary of an audio lecture for the Torah Portion

Commandments and selflessness

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A beautiful numerical phenomenon can be seen in the word “commandment” (מצוה) whose value is 141. If we divide it by 3, the quotient is

Constructing Kingdom from Nothing

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Constructing the kingdom of Israel Following the incident in which Pinchas avenged God’s Name by swiftly killing Zimri and the Midianite princess who seduced him,

The Mysterious Road Sign to Messianic Consc...

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The following is a summary of an audio lecture for the Torah Portion of Matot Masei (#E_027) The Mysterious Road Sign to Messianic Consciousness The Weekly Torah