Numbers – Bamidbar

Judaism begins at home

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Jewish genealogy has become something of an art. There are many internet sites that can help you chart your family history and discover long-lost relatives

This land is mine

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On the way to the Holy land Last minute preparations are being made towards the Jewish people’s entry into the Promised Land. The excitement is

Breaking Equal Rights

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Korach’s claim was that “The entire congregation are all holy” but why isn’t this claim considered just?” On Mt. Sinai it says, “And you shall

The Secrets of Challah – Lecture 1

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listen to the audio lecture Rachel’s Tomb and Women’s Mitzvot Rachel’s Tomb is one of the most important places in the Land of Israel. Clinging to

Korach: Resources for Parshat Korach

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Video available The spies’ psychology Following Korach’s dispute against the role of Aaron as High Priest, God reendorses Aaron and his son’s roles as priests

A living movie

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Instantaneous vision The sages teach us that Balaam could capture the one instant in the day when God is wrathful. When Balaam succeeded in cursing

How long do we have to wait for Mashiach?

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Patience, alacrity, Torah and mitzvah In a previous article, we discussed the swiftness with which Pinchas acted and in contrast we saw that Joshua did

Sacrifice and self-sacrifice

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This week’s Torah portion is named after Pinchas whose zealous act retracted God’s anger and atoned for the Jewish people’s sins of promiscuity. The final

The Rock that God Can Carry

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A famous philosophical conundrum, asks, whether God can create a rock that He cannot lift? The answer to this conundrum is that indeed, God can

Rectifying the Sin of the Spies

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Moses sent twelve spies to spy out the land of Israel prior to the expected entry of the Jewish nation into the land. Instead of