Q&A: What does the Torah Say About Ado...

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Q: What does the Torah say about adoption of children? A: According to the simple meaning, there is no mitzvah greater than raising an orphan

Q&A: Why Not Learn Zohar Without Chass...

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Q: I am curious as to why the Zohar can be understood only through Chassidic explanations.  I’ll be the first to admit at I am

Q&A: Impossible Teenager

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Q: My teenaged daughter has become quite impossible. She thinks only of herself, has fits of anger and is generally unpleasant. She seems to be

Q&A: How Should I Celebrate My Birthda...

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Q: My birthday is coming up. Is there anything special I should be doing on this day? A: The Rebbes of Chabad instituted 10 birthday

Q&A: Seven Year Old Transgender?

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Q: My 7 year old nephew sees himself as a girl. My sister, a clinical psychologist believes that the only “treatment” for his condition is

Q&A: Comfort After Death of Baby

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Rabbi Ginsburgh’s words of comfort: May you be comforted from Heaven. Your baby was a precious soul that descended to this world to complete, in

Q&A: Alcohol Consumption

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Q: Is imbibing a positive behavior according to Chassidut? A: Consumption of alcoholic beverages can only be positive if they are consumed in small amounts and

Q&A: I’m a Liar

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Q: I have an awful habit of lying. How can I stop and start telling the truth? A: Maimonides explains that if a person wants

Q&A: Torah Reading: Why Only Men?

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Q: Are men the only ones allowed to read the Torah to both males and females? I was born to read the Torah in front

I Can’t Believe I Ate the Whole Thing

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Q: Are people who overeat wicked? In Proverbs 13:25 it says “The righteous person eats to the satiation of his soul, but the stomach of