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Why Jewish Mother’s Day?

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The Book of Ruth – On line Class

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Recording of this month’s live English class, given in Jerusalem. Rabbi Ginsburgh explored the interplay between the protagonists in the Scroll of Ruth and modern


Counting the Omer – the web site

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four worlds activism

Which World Are You In? The Four Worlds of ...

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Anyone who feels the bitterness of exile and is aware that it is not the natural state of the Jewish People, feels an existential drive

The French Enlightenment is About to End.

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[Editorial Note: What follows is an excerpt from a two-part series written about the epic spiritual battle between Rabbi Schneur Zalman, founder of Chabad, and

The Inner Dimension – Chanukah: Past,...

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We count the days of Chanukah by lighting one candle on the first day and progressing to eight candles on the eighth day. But, Beit

Chanukah Resources

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Judaism and Science: The Lessons of Chanukah  The crux of the challenge that classical Western culture presents us with does not lie in science itself.

Jewish Feminism: a Chassidic Vision

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Rebbe Schneur Zalman of Liadi set a milestone for the development of authentic Jewish feminism by predicting the rise of female consciousness and the transformation

19 Kislev and Electing a Leader

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On the 19th of Kislev we commemorate Rebbe Shneur Zalman of Liadi, the Alter Rebbe’s release from prison in czarist Russia and all charges against

Rays of Light from the Personality of Rebbe...

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The Righteous Individual is the Foundation of the World Every Jew has a pure soul, “An actual part of God above,”[1] and everyone lends their