The Heart that Never Sleeps: And My Locks with Droplets of the Night

Only with the most intense yet sublime might can infinite kindness and leisure be conveyed to finite recipients. This might effects the contraction (tzimtzum) of G-d’s Infinite Light, thereby enabling it to enter finite vessels. Here the contraction does not diminish the quality of Light. It only concentrates Infinity into finiteness. Tzimtzum is symbolized by hair. In order for the “dew” to permeate all souls and beings, small “droplets” (concentrated drops) of “dew” must flow down the “locks” of the Groom to his bride. The property of might is called “night”, for it causes a contraction of Light. This night however, is the means for conveying droplets of dew through the “locks” to the world, bringing with it the dawn of redemption–ultimate peace and freedom from all lower nights of exile.

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