Torah and Science


The Media and the Truth

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By Itiel Giladi, Based on the Teachings of Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh This past week has seen the battle between major Israeli media outlets and the

four worlds activism

Which World Are You In? The Four Worlds of ...

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Anyone who feels the bitterness of exile and is aware that it is not the natural state of the Jewish People, feels an existential drive


Abraham and the Beginning of Kingdom

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Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron Israel Written by Rabbi Yosi Peli Do we really want a king? On the one hand, belief in Mashiach’s


And Moses Was Enraged (Q&A on Educatio...

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Question: Is it correct for a teacher to berate a student, or punish them for unsuitable behavior or talking back, while the teacher feels impaired


Torah and Mathematics: When Two Triangles M...

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The Kabbalah Approach to Mental Health: Par...

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At the end of the book of Job, G-d Himself addresses Job and unfolds all the mysteries of creation before him. In the final analysis,

The Healing of Body and Soul: Part 1 –...

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In past generations, mainly those in the medical world studied the subjects of health and healing. However, today not only has knowledge within these fields

The Healing of Body and Soul: Part 8 –...

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The most evident allusion to the ten sefirot in the human body are the ten fingers and the ten toes. This correspondence appears in the beginning of Sefer

The Healing of Body and Soul: Part 24 ̵...

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The Innate Sense of Self and non-Self Of all the systems of the body, it is the immune system that acts as the body’s natural

The Healing of Body and Soul: Part 25 ̵...

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As is the case with regard to many etymological roots in Hebrew (and its sister language, Aramaic), the two-letter root of “sickness” (chal) possesses variant