I Love You (inter-included)

An example of inter-inclusion: Say "I love you." Feel the "love you" in the "I," the "I-you" in the "love," and the "I love" in the "you."

The effect of inter-inclusion: There is no "I" without loving you, no egocentricity, no feeling of an independent I who happens to love you.

And so there is no abstact, unidentified experience of the emotion of love without the real presence of "I-you" in the picture.

And so "I love" is an inseparable part of "you." It is that holy spark in you that reflects my love of you, arousing your love of me.


  1. B"H
    Ha Rav Yitzchak, WONDER- FULL!
    delightful wonders to contemplate! Todah Rabbah yb & s

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