The Ach-bi Letter Transformation (אכבי)

Ach-bi is a method of alphabetic transformation wherein the alef-beit is divided into two equal groups of eleven letters. Within each group, the letters pair "reflectively"–the first with the last, the second with the second-to-last, etc.

The name ach-bi is a reference to the first two of these transformation pairs: alef-kaf and beityud.

This is the alphabetic transformation whose elements correspond to the sefirot within the partzuf of knowledge (da'at.)

The three transformation systems, al-bamat-bash, and ach-bi (corresponding to wisdom (chochmah), understanding (binah), and knowledge (da'at) form a "transformation ring," which means that if you transform a letter using all three you will come back to your original letter. E.g., alef in al-bam transforms into lamedlamed in at-bash transforms into kaf–, which using ach-bi, transforms back to alef.

alef kaf   lamed tav
beit yud   mem shin
gimmel tet   nun reish
dalet chet   samech kuf
hei zayin   ayin tzadik
vav vav   pei pei

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