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Electrons and Faith

Feb 23, 2011No Comments

In an atom, electrons revolve around protons and neutrons. So should we revolve around our faith in One God and in His eternal Torah. The

Transcendence and Immanence

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“If a man and woman merit the Divine Presence (Shechinah) resides between them.” The Shechinah is the feminine manifestation of Divinity. The Shechinah is the

To Feel Far is to Be Near

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Moses received the Torah on Sinai, the lowest of mountains. To receive the Torah you have to be a mountain of good will and humble

Confessing: Giving Thanks

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A righteous king is both lowly and exalted. He has a unique sense of ego, knowing who to lower – the haughty – and who

Kabbalah and Chassidut

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Kabbalah is the science of creation, the story behind the scenes, and the ‘portrait’ of the Creator at work in the act of creation. Chassidut,

Fast Day

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On a fast (day) one should focus on speed – how fast is the world running past me and how fast am I running to

Timeless Torah, Time-bound Science

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Science evolves, its theories change, it is time-bound. Torah also evolves, the oral tradition is organic, always growing, but is timeless. The challenge of our

Rosh Hashana 5771

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Wishing you all a good and sweet year. This coming year, 5771, is a year of “conscious determination,” a year of mind over matter, a

The Inner Experience of the Sefirot

Feb 07, 2011No Comments

Keter: To believe in God is not just to believe that He exists but to create a covenant with Him, to work together with Him