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Mathematics in Ki Tissa: The 13 Principles ...

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Click here to download a PDF version of this article Mathematics in the Torah Parashat Ki Tissa: The 13 Principles of Mercy   The verses

Mathematics in Tetzaveh: Variant Spellings

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Mathematics in the Torah Parashat Tetzaveh: Variant spellings   A rare word Parshashat Tetzaveh is especially connected with parashat Terumah that precedes it since the

Mathematics in Mishpatim: The Evolution of ...

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To view this article correctly, you will want to print it in PDF format   Mathematics in the Torah Parashat Mishpatim: The evolution of thievery

Mathematics on the Parashah • Beshalach ...

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Click here for a PDF version of this page From a nation to the Children of Israel The first two verses of Parashat Beshalach read,[1]

Mathematics on the Parashah • Bo • God ...

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A new generation, a new Name “On this very day, all the hosts of God departed the land of Egypt.”[1] Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi

Descent for the Sake of Ascent: Transcript ...

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Descent for the sake of ascent Edited transcript from 19th of Kislev farbrengen – 5780 given by Harav Yitzchak Ginsburgh – Yerushalayim Part 1 The

Leaving the land of Israel: The patriarchs ...

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Leaving the land of Israel A Chassidic insight on the Torah portions of Vayeitzei and Vayishlach   The Lubavitcher Rebbe spoke many times of the

Pirkei Avot Chapter 6 Mishnah 1: Loving God...

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Rabbi Meir would say: Whomever studies Torah for Torah’s sake alone, merits many things; not only that, but the [the creation of] the entire world is worthwhile for

Rabbi Pinchas of Koritz: Inflating the Info...

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Rabbi Pinchas Shapira, who was known as Rebbe Pinchas of Koritz, was born in Shklov to his father Rabbi Avraham Abba, grandson of the Kabbalist,

What does it take to make the sun stand sti...

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In the previous monthly broadcast, Rabbi Ginsburgh encouraged the audience to answer the following question: What is the connection between truth and making the sun