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The Four Species: Strength to Overcome Tria...

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On Sukkot we have the mitzvah of blessing over the four species. We take a palm branch, myrtle branches, willows and a citron fruit in

Rebbe Zusha Stories for Sukkot

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Object of a Mitzvah For many years, Rebbe Zusha wandered through Jewish towns in “exile.” Once, on one of his journeys, his clothing became particularly

Q&A: 70 Bulls Sacrificed on Sukkot

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Q: What is the meaning of the 70 bulls that were sacrificed in the Temple on Sukkot? A: 70 bulls were sacrificed in the Temple

Walk Modestly with God

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Rabbi Ginsburgh expounds on the inner meaning of modesty.

And You Thought You Were Doing Teshuvah? Th...

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On Yom Kippur, a major part of our prayer service is confession. The following are three stories of confessions – which are an expression of

The Pleasure of Fasting on Yom Kippur

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On Yom Kippur we do not eat or drink, afflicting ourselves with five different types of affliction. On the other hand, the Torah refers to

Jonah the Prophet

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  Rabbi Ginsburgh’s amazing discussion of Jonah the Prophet, the haftarah that we read on Yom Kippur. Photo by Jennett Bremer on Unsplash

Q&A: Regret for the Past

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Q: How much do I have to feel regret for my past sins?   A: One can and should ponder over and feel regret for

Know God in All Your Ways

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. Click on the cc icon for the English subtitles in this installment on the meaning of teshuvah according to Rebbe Zusha of Anapoli.

5780: It Will Be a Year of Wonders

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Every year, Rabbi Ginsburgh explains the meaning of the acronym spelled out by the letters of the new year. This new year, 5780, he has