Waving the Flag of Torah

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Consummate service of God unites meditation (919), prayer (515), and action (415). They complement one another. Together, 1849 = 43^2. Meditation connects mind to heart.

Around the Corner

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A corner is a point of nothing between two well defined directions, two somethings. You don’t know what’s awaiting you around the corner. In Hebrew,

Of Adam and Eve

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Woman was created from the “side” (often translated as “rib”) of man. “Side” = 190 = 10 times Eve. Woman, 306, side, 190 = 496,

Moses, Shimon, Isaac, Israel

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The Oral Torah is a living, growing organism. From generation to generation its submission and separation dimensions are ever reinterpreted. But with regard to the

The Oral Torah

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The Oral Torah comprises the Mishnah, the Gemara, and the Midrash. The original name of the Zohar is Midrash Yehi Or, “Let there be light.”

The Meaning of Life

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18 = chai (chet-yud, 8-10), life. The triangle of 8 = 36 (all numbers from 1 to 8) and of 10 = 55, together =


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Some things are easy, others are hard. Hard things present more of a challenge than do easy things. Reach a balance between easy and hard.

The Living One and the Single One

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The two transcendent levels of the soul are the “living one,” 23, and the “single one,” 37. 23 and 37 are the golden division of

Rebuilding our Inner and Outer Worlds

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The Temple Mount’s Western Wall is called the Wailing Wall because people come to pray there and cry. In the future every tear will rejoice.

Union in the Holy of Holies

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The union of God and Israel, as groom and bride, is the theme of the Song of Songs. It took place in the Temple. We