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Might in the Marriage Relationship

Jul 02, 2020Comments off

Rabbi Ginsburgh explains how when a wife opposes her husband, she is actually helping him.

Compassion in the Marriage Relationship

Jun 17, 2020Comments off

Rabbi Ginsburgh expounds upon the expression that a wife is a “helpmate opposite” her husband as it is expressed in the attribute of Beauty, the

The Ba’al Shem Tov’s Anti-Parti...

Jun 10, 2020Comments off

Who serves God better than the Ba’al Shem Tov?     Rabbi Ginsburgh delves into the deep, messianic meaning of this Ba’al Shem Tov story.

The Tzaddik and the Intermediary Redefined

Jun 03, 2020Comments off

Rabbi Ginsburgh gives a new, current meaning to the classifications of the tzaddik and intermediate person in the Tanya.

From White Lies to Light Lies

Jun 03, 2020Comments off

Rabbi Ginsburgh’s student, Nir Mennusi, on the Torah portion of Beha’alotcha.

Counting the Omer 49: The Kingdom of Heaven...

May 27, 2020Comments off

For the 49th and final day of the Omer: Kingdom in Kingdom

Counting the Omer 48: The King and the Teac...

May 26, 2020Comments off

For the 48th day of the Omer, Foundation of Kingdom.

Counting the Omer 47: A Fitting Crown

May 25, 2020Comments off

  For the 47th day of the Omer, Acknowledgement of Kingdom.

Counting the Omer 46: Everything is Under C...

May 24, 2020Comments off

      For the 46th day of the Omer, Victory of Kingdom.

Counting the Omer 43: Ruling with Good Will

May 21, 2020Comments off

            For the 43rd day of the Omer, Lovingkindness of Kingdom, beginning Thursday night.