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The Kabbalistic Promise of Passover, the mo...

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The Arizal promised that whomever would be careful with chametz during Passover would not sin all year long. How could he make this promise and

Paradoxical Matzah Awareness – ‏‏...

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Rabbi Ginsburgh’s veteran student, Rabbi Ephraim Ehrenberg, with deep insights on Passover, based on Rabbi Ginsburgh’s teachings.

Rabbi Ginsburgh’s Great Mercy Melody

Mar 27, 2020Comments off

Composition: Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh Piano and Arrangement: Ahiya Asher Cohen Aloro

Vayikra’s Small Aleph

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Vayakhel – Pekudai: Drawing Down the ...

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Harav Ginsburgh explains how the will to bring a personal offering draws the Divine Presence down on our heads, even during the time of exile.

A Purim Farbrengen with Rabbi Ginsburgh

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Rabbi Ginsburgh shares secrets of Purim.

A Helpmate Opposite Him: A Jewish View of G...

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Rabbi Ginsburgh describes the meaning of the verse about the creation of woman in the context of how Judaism views gender equality.

Moses from Generation to Generation

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In this fascinating lecture, Rabbi Ginsburgh describes a full array of Moses’ persona according to the sefirot.

Mishpatim: Mind, Psyche and Making Choices

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1. Parashah (Mishpatim): Milk and meat, how can 2 positives make a negative? 2. Mind and psyche: 4 types of conflict and one more 3.