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Are You Male or Female? The Power of Choice

Jan 16, 2020Comments off

Rabbi Ginsburgh on the most essential choices that we have made for our lives- including if we will be male or female.

The Foundations of Maimonides’ Life a...

Jan 16, 2020Comments off

Following Maimonides’ incredible work, including his Code of Law, the Guide to the Perplexed, and his medical work, we learn about the many faces of

Vayechi: Reuben’s Blessing

Jan 08, 2020Comments off

Though Reuben’s blessing is more of a rebuke than a blessing, the Torah’s poetry and cantillation begin to sweeten its difficult content. Analyzing the verses

It’s Your Choice

Jan 08, 2020Comments off

Rabbi Ginsburgh explains that the tzaddik makes his own choices – and we do, as well.

The Inner Dimension of Vayigash

Dec 30, 2019Comments off

The surprising inner dimension of the word “Vayigash.”

The Holdiays, the Sefirot and their Relevan...

Dec 30, 2019Comments off

Inspired by the relationship between Chanukah and loving-kindness and between Purim and might, in this groundbreaking lecture, Harav Ginsburgh explains how all the holidays on

Torah Portion of Miketz: Joseph’s Bon...

Dec 26, 2019Comments off

“Man plans and God laughs.” An important life-lesson on honoring parents that we learn from Joseph.

8 Mystical Meditations on the Chanukah Cand...

Dec 23, 2019Comments off

Navigate to the video that you want from the upper right-hand corner of the YouTube screen.

Vayeshev: Potiphar’s Wife

Dec 19, 2019Comments off

Rabbi Ginsburgh with an amazing mathematical insight on the wife of Potiphar.

Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and the Forefathers o...

Dec 11, 2019Comments off

    In this video clip, Rabbi Ginsburgh draws parallels between the three Jewish Patriarchs and the three forefathers of Chassidut.