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DONATE to Gal Einai’s Fundraising Cam...

Feb 15, 2021Comments off

Do you want to give back to Rabbi Ginsburgh for all the times his wisdom has inspired you? Now is your opportunity to help Gal

Fundamentals of Chassidic Psychology: Wisdo...

Jan 22, 2021Comments off

In this exquisitely insightful excerpt, Rabbi Ginsburgh guides us beyond our false humility to learn how to truly help a person who seeks our guidance.

Fundamentals of Chassidic Psychology: Faith

Dec 22, 2020Comments off

In this excerpt from a class on Chassidic psychology, Rabbi Ginsburgh expounds on the beliefs that the counselor must hold regarding God and regarding the

How to Save Yourself from Hardships Before ...

Nov 26, 2020Comments off

Rabbi Ginsburgh explains the different hardships associated with the coming of Mashiach and the war of Gog and Magog and how to mitigate them. Be

Painting a Portrait of Mashiach

Nov 18, 2020Comments off

In this video, Rabbi Ginsburgh discusses deep secrets of the Mashiach and where we can find him.

Torah for the Entire World: Part 2

Oct 29, 2020Comments off

This is part 2 of Rabbi Ginsburgh’s Barcelona seminar.

Torah for the Entire World: Rabbi Ginsburgh...

Oct 21, 2020Comments off Rabbi Ginsburgh speaks to an audience of Jews and non-Jews, on Torah for all the peoples of the world, as a stage in the

Video: The Chamber of Music

Oct 07, 2020Comments off

Rabbi Ginsburgh expounds on the service of God through song and wordless melody – and how holy song is the channel through which infinite pleasure