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Vayelech: Double Concealment and Redemption

Sep 09, 2021Comments off

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Preparing for the New Year

Aug 18, 2021Comments off

  Rabbi Ginsburgh in a fascinating, in-depth analysis of the coming new year, 5782.  You can see the transcript of this class at

Elul: Circumcising the Heart

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The Song of the Soul

Jun 09, 2021Comments off

Ahiyah Cohen in a deep melody by Rabbi Ginsburgh, called “The Song of the Soul”. The song of the soul is prayer to G-d. The

On the Seventh Day God Rested

May 11, 2021Comments off

A new Paradigm for understanding Sefirat Ha’omer and Particularly Its Final Week. Each of the seven weeks of Sefirat Ha’omer corresponds to one of the

The Sprout of David Your Servant

May 06, 2021Comments off

This song was composed by Rabbi Ginsburgh and is sung in this video by Yitzchak and Elimelech Raveh. The words are from the Silent Prayer:

Fundamentals of Chassidic Psychology: Tifer...

Apr 07, 2021Comments off

Rabbi Ginsburgh explains the importance of compassion in healing.

The Seder Night and the 70 Nations of the W...

Mar 24, 2021Comments off

Rabbi Ginsburgh in English, 8 Nissan 5781/March 21, ’21

Fundamentals of Chassidic Psychology: Under...

Mar 11, 2021Comments off

      Rabbi Ginsburgh explains how the counselor should understand, identify with, love and gently reprove those who consult with him.

Ahashverosh, Pharaoh and Revolutions

Mar 03, 2021Comments off

Rabbi Ginsburgh delves into the revolutionary, transformative aspects of Purim and discusses the Four Revolutions.