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Preferring the Rebellious Child

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Which would you prefer, a “rebellious” child, or a “good” child? Most parents and educators would choose the good, well-behaved and polite child who does

24th of Tevet: The Rabbi and the Emperor

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For Part 2, Read: “The End of the Enlightenment”  Two-hundred-and-one years ago, on Motzei Shabbat (the night following Shabbat), 24th of Tevet 5573, Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi

The Correct Approach to Distanced Parents

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Let’s touch briefly on the pertinent question of honoring parents who are not yet acquainted with Torah and mitzvah observance.[1] Submission If honoring one’s parents stems mainly

The End of the Enlightenment

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For Part 1, read “The Rabbi and the Emperor” The French Revolution, and the Enlightenment that fed the entire development of the modern world, is

Shevat and the Democratization of Righteous...

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According to Kabbalah, every month in the Hebrew calendar was created by means of one of the letters of the alef-bet. Here, we delve into

We Need to Talk…

Feb 19, 2014No Comments

The Torah portion of Chayei Sarah (lit. the “Life of Sarah”) is all about finding a match. A significant part of the portion―the longest and most detailed