Chassidic Psychology

You Don’t Have to be Poor

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“A person is poor only in his faculty of knowledge” said the sages[1]. Poorness in knowledge, however, generates actual poverty. The two types of poor

Practical Advice: The Wisdom of Creating, t...

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The Woes of Production Whenever you set out to publish something—it might be a book, it might be a business plan, it might be a

The Pleasure of Shevat

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Pleasure, enjoyment, happiness…These are all beautiful words. It is truly a pleasure to hear them. Does the Torah ‘like’ these concepts? At first glance, it

The Key to Emerging from Contracted Conscio...

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My head is not working, my heart is blocked, and can’t pray and I have no strength for anything. I feel threatened, everything is irritating,

The Secrets of Judah’s Name and Marital R...

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Click here for part 2 All Jews today are named after the tribe of Judah. There are many important secrets of the Torah concealed in

You are Important to God!

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Humility is the basic foundation of service of God and is a necessary ingredient in all our spiritual pursuits and endeavors beginning with its role

Tevet: Are we Allowed to Enjoy Bodily Pleas...

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The month of Tevet is a cold, wintry month, with no festivals or celebrations. Yet, in a surprising twist, exactly because of the winter cold

Four Shades of Humility

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The Two Foundations of the Psyche’s Rectification: Lowliness and Selflessness Chassidut teaches that pride is the primary source of all impurity and that humility is

Kislev: Sweet Dreams

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“…When God brings back the returnees to Zion, we were like dreamers.”[1] What does “we were like dreamers” mean? There are at least three explanations

“I Am Nothing but Dust and Ashes”

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Abraham was the first patriarch. The first two letters of his name in Hebrew (אַבְרָהָם) actually mean “father” (אָב). Abraham had a special connection with