The Rebbe Rayatz: Farbreng and Bring the Re...

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In the Hayom Yom (a yearly calendar containing an aphorism for each day of the year compiled by the Lubavitcher Rebbe) for the 12th day

Torah Healing: Advice from the Noam Elimele...

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During this time of isolation, Rabbi Ginsburgh has begun to teach a short audio lesson daily. In this first lesson, on the day of passing

Descent and Ascent: It’s All a Plot

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  One of the “principles of faith” appearing in the teachings of the Torah’s inner dimension is that every descent is for the purpose of

It’s Your Choice: The paradox of omni...

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It’s Your Choice The Paradox of Omniscience and Free-Will The famous sage Rabbi Akiva expressed the paradox of God’s omniscience and man’s free-will with the

It’s Your Choice

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Rabbi Ginsburgh explains that the tzaddik makes his own choices – and we do, as well.

Descent for the Sake of Ascent: Transcript ...

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Descent for the sake of ascent Edited transcript from 19th of Kislev farbrengen – 5780 given by Harav Yitzchak Ginsburgh – Yerushalayim Part 1 The

The Crown Jewel Out in the Streets: Four ty...

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  “For a candle is a mitzvah and the Torah is light.”[1] Every mitzvah is a candle, a tangible act that envelopes abstract, spiritual light.

Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and the Forefathers o...

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    In this video clip, Rabbi Ginsburgh draws parallels between the three Jewish Patriarchs and the three forefathers of Chassidut.

Empowering our Present with the Future

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Why did our souls come down to earth? Rabbi Shneor Zalman of Liadi prepares us for a never-ending battle. Many Chassidic discourses open by asking

To be Born and Die Every Day

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From the verse  “I shall fill the number of your days,” (“et mispar yamecha amalai”)[1] the sages learned that God fills the years of pious