A Time of Good Will

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ואני תפלתי לך ה' עת רצון אלקים ברוב חסדך ענני באמת ישעך And I, my prayer to You, Havayah, should be in a time of

Roadmap to True and Lasting Peace

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More and more countries are establishing diplomatic ties with Israel. Israel has recently established economic ties and mutual projects with countries that, until now, have

It’s All Up to You: The Unity of Divine P...

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In the tension between the concepts of Divine Providence and free choice, Chassidut ‘dares’ to categorically adopt both extremes. On one hand, it emphasizes that

Charging the World with Love

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Modern society does not tolerate hatred. This does not mean that there is less hatred between nations, sectors or individuals nowadays. Declaratively, however, society demands

Returning the World to Nothingness and Brin...

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On the 25th of Tishrei we commemorate the Yahrzeit of one of the greatest tzaddikim, Rabbi Levi Yitzchak of Berditchev. The great tzaddikim would say that

Teshuva Rebbe Zusha Style

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Until the advent of the Ba’al Shem Tov and Chassidut, the process of teshuvah, (repentance) in the month of Elul and the Ten Days of

The Beinoni in a Nutshell

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There are no holidays in the month of Elul, but the entire month is preparation for the holidays coming in the month of Tishrei. In

For Whom was the World Created?

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For whom was the world created? “Rav said, the world was created for David. And Shmuel said, for Moses and Rabbi Yochanan said, for Mashiach.”[1]

We Can Sweeten the World

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On the surface, the spiritual service of transforming darkness to light and bitterness to sweetness seems to be the service of pious individuals, while the

Redemption Concealed in Destruction

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The month of Av is certainly extreme. Tishah be’Av (the ninth day of Av) is the lowest day of the year and then just a