Festivals Remedy Mental Illness

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The Torah is multidimensional. Chasidic thought unlocked the psychological side dimension in all its depth. One of the ideas uncovered is that the festivals correspond

Continuing the Joy From Purim to Pesach wit...

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Purim is over, but we keep increasing our joy.

Why did Mordechai smile? Purim 5770 Farbre...

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A short excerpt from the Rav's Purim farbrengen of 5770.

Q&A: Queenly Rectification for Forbidd...

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Q: What can I do to rectify the lashon hara (forbidden speech, gossip) that I have spoken? A: The rectification for lashon hara is to

Can we be Authentically Happy? Part 2

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In part 1, we discussed how natural joy is the happiness in who we are, in our very existence. It already exists within us. All we have

Can we be Authentically Happy? Part 1

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Click here for Part 2 of this article Purim is right around the corner and now we are obligated to be happy. That’s an order!

Why Do We Need Amalek?

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In the first war with Amalek (related in the Torah in parashat Beshalach[1]), the conditions for eliminating him were excellent. Joshua waged the physical war,

Adar Alef: Rhythm of the Soul

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Mazal tov! Our intercalated (literally, pregnant year in Hebrew) has given birth to a boy and his name is “First Adar.” This is not just

Moses from Generation to Generation

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In this fascinating lecture, Rabbi Ginsburgh describes a full array of Moses' persona according to the sefirot.

The Adar Alef Service of Contracted Conscio...

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    Rabbi Ginsburgh teaches how to apply Rebbe Elimelech's Tzetl Koton to rectify bad character traits associated with the contracted consciousness of the month