The Crown Jewel Out in the Streets: Four ty...

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  “For a candle is a mitzvah and the Torah is light.”[1] Every mitzvah is a candle, a tangible act that envelopes abstract, spiritual light.

8 Mystical Meditations on the Chanukah Cand...

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Navigate to the video that you want from the upper right-hand corner of the YouTube screen.

Joseph’s Chanukah Candle: Parashat Vayeis...

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The Shlah (Shnei luchot habrit, authored by Rabbi Yeshayahu ben Avraham Horowitz, 1555-1630) on the Torah portion of Vayeishev says that there is a connection

Addicted to Money? Rabbi Mordechai of Chern...

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Rebbe Mordechai Twersky of Chernobyl  was the son of Rebbe Menachem Nachum of Chernobyl. While his illustrious father lived in poverty, Rebbe Mordechai served God

Abraham and Chanukah: Chaotic Lights and Co...

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Abraham began to illuminate the world, and that light returns and illuminates the dark winter days every year on the holiday of Chanukah[1]. Abraham’s affinity

The Inner Dimension – Chanukah: Past,...

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We count the days of Chanukah by lighting one candle on the first day and progressing to eight candles on the eighth day. But, Beit

Commandments and selflessness

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A beautiful numerical phenomenon can be seen in the word “commandment” (מצוה) whose value is 141. If we divide it by 3, the quotient is

Judaism and Science: The Lessons of Chanuka...

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  Photo Credit: You can download this document in PDF format. You can choose from the following two layouts: Regular Letter sized sheets On the 25th

The Dreidel Spinner

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If we were to do a survey to find out which is the most favorite Jewish holiday, Chanukah would probably reach the top of the