Passover – Pesach Resources Index

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Pesach (“Passover”): Transforming Blemishes into Divine Wonders The potential of every Jew is to express Divinity. The Hebrew word for Egypt, Mitzrayim, means “constraints.” Constraints

Nisan: Resources For the Hebrew Month of Ni...

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The Month of Nisan According to the Book of Formation (Sefer Yetzirah) Speak Your Faith In this article, after providing a basic introduction to the

Speak Your Faith

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Download the PDF Here: speak your faith summary

Nissan – the Month of Redemption

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Secrets of the Jewish Year Holiday Messages and Meditations on the Jewish Year The Jewish Month of Nissan Nissan According to Sefer Yetzirah The Month of

The Month of Nisan According to the Book of...

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According to The Book of Formation (Sefer Yetzirah) Each month of the Jewish year has a corresponding color, a letter of the Hebrew alphabet, a

Experiencing the Exodus while praying

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Photo Credit: Healing paranoia In Parashat Beshalach we reach the climax of the exodus from the Egyptian exile―the parting of the Red Sea and the

Cleanliness of Speech, Purity of Thought, C...

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In the ten-rung ladder of spiritual growth outlined by Rabbi Pinchas ben Yair, three consecutive rungs are: “Cleanliness brings one to purity, purity brings one to

Out There

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“Egypt” (מצרים) means “straights,” alluding to psychological blocks and states of confinement. Chametz (leavened bread) symbolizes egocentricity. Egocentricity (chametz) is the source of all psychological confinement

The Last Exile

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The four questions that we ask at the Seder table begin: “What is the difference between this night (of Pesach) and all (other) nights?” The children at

Freedom of Speech

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In Hebrew, the word for Passover, Pesach (פסח), reads Peh Sach (פה סח), "a talking mouth." Pesach celebrates freedom, first and foremost – freedom of