Passover – Pesach

New World Order on Seder Night

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When performing the mitzvah of, “You shall tell your son on that day”—the mitzvah that prompts us to sit together on the Seder night and

Festivals Remedy Mental Illness

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The Torah is multidimensional. Chasidic thought unlocked the psychological side dimension in all its depth. One of the ideas uncovered is that the festivals correspond

Q&A: Seder Plate and Sefirot

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Q: What do the different foods on the Seder plate represent? A: First, before the festival of Pesach commences, we eliminate all chametz (leavening) from

Liberation of the “I” on the Seder Nigh...

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Despite all the time and effort we spend preparing delicacies for the Seder table, the Seder’s main focus is the matzah and the wine. These

Three Stories for an Abundant Pesach

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It is a beloved Chasidic tradition to tell these three stories prior to the Pesach holiday. Some Chasidic rebbes retold them almost a month before

The Kabbalistic Promise of Passover, the Mo...

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The Arizal promised that whoever would be careful with chametz during Passover would not sin all year long. How could he make this promise and

Should we invite Ishmael and Esau to the Se...

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7th Day of Pesach: The Illuminating Darknes...

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“And there was the cloud and the darkness and it illuminated the night, and they did not approach one another the entire night”. What illuminated

Pesach Seder: Making Order

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In Rabbi Nachman of Breslev’s story, “The Son of the King and the Son of the Maidservant who were Interchanged,” the son of the king

The Seder Night and the 70 Nations of the W...

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Rabbi Ginsburgh in English, 8 Nissan 5781/March 21, '21