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The Mosaic Seder Plate

The Passover Seder Plate: Mystical Meditati...

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Photo Credit: The Mosaic Seder Plate The Passover Seder is replete with revealed and hidden significance. The following is a brief outline of the mystical dimension of

Pesach ("Passover"): Transforming Blemishes...

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Summaries, Charts, Translations and aids for recorded lecture tapes by Rabbi Ginsburgh Lecture No. E_015   The potential of every Jew is to express Divinity.

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Pesach (“Passover”): Transforming Blemishes into Divine Wonders The potential of every Jew is to express Divinity. The Hebrew word for Egypt, Mitzrayim, means “constraints.” Constraints

Experiencing the Exodus while praying

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Photo Credit: Healing paranoia In Parashat Beshalach we reach the climax of the exodus from the Egyptian exile―the parting of the Red Sea and the

Cleanliness of Speech, Purity of Thought, C...

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In the ten-rung ladder of spiritual growth outlined by Rabbi Pinchas ben Yair, three consecutive rungs are: "Cleanliness brings one to purity, purity brings one to

Out There

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"Egypt" (מצרים) means "straits," alluding to psychological blocks and states of confinement. Chametz (leavened bread) symbolizes egocentricity. Egocentricity (chametz) is the source of all psychological confinement