Shevat Transposition

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The holy Arizal taught that each month of the year has its own tzeruf (combination of the letters of God’s Name, Havayah) that is alluded

Tu B’Shvat: Learning Refinement from the ...

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The 15th of Shvat, called Tu (15) B’Shvat, is the new year of the trees. What can we learn from trees and their fruit? In

The Pleasure of Shevat

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Pleasure, enjoyment, happiness…These are all beautiful words. It is truly a pleasure to hear them. Does the Torah ‘like’ these concepts? At first glance, it

The Rebbe Rayatz: Writings in Exchange for ...

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With true self-sacrifice, the Rebbe Rayatz directs his aide to burn his memoirs and the historical accounts he had written. This self-sacrifice is totally for

The Tzaddik: Body and Soul

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Rabbi Ginsburgh's student, Rabbi Yossi Peli, discusses the persona of the tzaddik as described in Rabbi Ginsburgh's Hebrew book, "The Inner Dimension." (Soon to be

Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka Schneerson: The Powe...

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Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka Schneerson was born on the 25th of Adar 5661 (1901) to her parents, the sixth Lubavitcher Rebbe, the Rebbe Rayatz and her

No Extreme Dieting

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According to the Book of Formation, the sense of the month of Shevat is the sense of eating (which includes drinking, as well). We might

The Tree of Life and God's 10 Descents to t...

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In this Tu Beshevat lesson, Rabbi Ginsburgh describes the deep aspects of the Tree of Life and expounds upon the ten times that God descends

Q&A: Seven Species and Sefirot

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  Q: I was wondering if the seven species of fruits of the Land of Israel in the Torah are connected to the seven sefirot.

Shevat: Make the World the Garden of Eden

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Download a printable PDF version of this article Shevat: Turning the World into the Garden of Eden   The main date that we denote in