The Tenth Descent to the Tenth of Tevet

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The Jewish year begins ceremoniously with the shofar blast of Rosh Hashanah (New Year), and continues to reach new climaxes with Yom Kippur (the Day

The body enjoys the body

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The Meaning of the Fast of the Tenth of Tev...

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You can download this document in PDF format. You can choose from the following two layouts: Booklet form (prints on 2 Letter sized sheets, 2 sides) Regular Letter

Tevet: Resources For the Hebrew Month of Te...

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The Month of Tevet According to the Book of Formation (Sefer Yetzirah)  The Month of Tevet: Joseph’s Body The Divine soul of a Jew is,

The Month of Tevet: Joseph's Body

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Joseph’s Spark In the Torah portion of Vayigash (read during the month of Tevet), Joseph reveals himself to his brothers, “I am Joseph; does my father yet

The Month of Tevet According to Sefer Yetzi...

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According to Sefer Yetzirah, each month of the Jewish year has a letter of the Hebrew alphabet, a zodiac sign, one of the twelve tribes

24th of Tevet: The Rabbi and the Emperor

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For Part 2, Read: "The End of the Enlightenment"  Two-hundred-and-one years ago, on Motzei Shabbat (the night following Shabbat), 24th of Tevet 5573, Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi

The End of the Enlightenment

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For Part 1, read “The Rabbi and the Emperor” The French Revolution, and the Enlightenment that fed the entire development of the modern world, is