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Two Messiahs in Every Home

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Print this article in PDF format   Mother and Father: the Two Messiahs in Every Home In the Torah’s inner dimension, marriage symbolizes the unification

The Jewish Home: Chapter 9 – The Worl...

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One might have the misimpression that the home is primarily for its inhabitants to enter and remove themselves from external social contact. But just as

The Jewish Home: Chapter 5 – Five Lev...

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In light of the above, an obvious question arises. What category corresponds to the yud of G-d’s name, the world of Atzilut, and to the higher, kotso shel yud, the tip

The Jewish Home Chapter 7: The Primordial A...

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In Kabbalah, the soul of Mashiach, keter, corresponds to the level of air. Sometimes Mashiach is referred to as the “primordial atmosphere” or “primordial air.” This is based upon an

The Jewish Home Chapter 10: The Mezuzah

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This power is also represented by the mezuzah. The word mezuzah means “to bring into motion.” G-d guards, and the house guards the person not only when he

The Jewish Home Chapter 3: Man in the Aura ...

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The absolute definition of man is dependent on the home. In Kabbalah, this is called the secret of the Divine Tzelem, “Image,” in which man was created

The Jewish Home: Chapter 8 – Clouds o...

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G-d gave three gifts to the Jewish People in the desert. One was the manna, the second was the Well of Miriam, and the third was the ananay

The Jewish Home: Chapter 6 – Food, Dr...

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Mazon is “life force” called mochin. In mochin there are two general divisions: mochin d’Abba and mochin d’Imma. Mazon, particularly solid food, is mochin d’Imma and is represented by bread. The other element of food,

The Jewish Home: A Microcosm of the Temple ...

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A Microcosm of the Temple When a Jewish family enters a new home, it is customary to have a festive meal to initiate, or inaugurate

The Jewish Home Chapter 2: Sustenance, Clot...

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Chassidut explains that there are three basic needs of every human being which correspond to the three basic lights that both surround and permeate every