Jewish Home and Family Life

Dear Anne Frank…

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“I hope to tell you everything that I could never tell anyone until now. And I hope that you will be a faithful and supportive

The Jewish Home: Chapter 9 – The Worl...

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One might have the misimpression that the home is primarily for its inhabitants to enter and remove themselves from external social contact. But just as

The Jewish Home: Chapter 5 – Five Lev...

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In light of the above, an obvious question arises. What category corresponds to the yud of G-d's name, the world of Atzilut, and to the higher, kotso shel yud, the tip

The Unique Spirituality of Women and Childr...

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There are four directions around the person. The four directions are called panim, achor, yemin, smol; face, back, right, left. In Kabbalah we learn that these four ruchot,

The Unique Spirituality of Women and Childr...

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Every seven years, following the shemita year, the Torah commands every Jew to go to the Temple, together with all the People of Israel to hear the

The Mystery of Marriage: Part 8 – 5 B...

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The more impetuous a relationship's beginning, the more difficult it may be to stabilize it later. This is graphically illustrated by the five primary examples

The Mystery if Marriage – Experiencin...

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Recognizing one's soul mate depends on sensing their shared soul-root. This is the most fundamental type of insight there is. Normally, love is born in

On Folly and Straying

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In Parashat Naso, the parashah of sotah (the unfaithful wife) begins with the words, “Any man whose wife strays.” The verb “stray” (תִּשְׂטֶה) is the key word in this passage