The Mystery of Marriage

Foundation in the Marriage Relationship

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Rabbi Ginsburgh describes the attribute of Foundation in the phrase, 'a helpmate opposite him' as it applies to the marriage relationship.

The Mystery of Marriage: Part 8 – 5 B...

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The more impetuous a relationship's beginning, the more difficult it may be to stabilize it later. This is graphically illustrated by the five primary examples

The Mystery if Marriage – Experiencin...

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Recognizing one's soul mate depends on sensing their shared soul-root. This is the most fundamental type of insight there is. Normally, love is born in

The Mystery of Marriage: Having A Relations...

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The goal of marriage is that the couple manifest in their earthly consciousness the existential oneness they found in their celestial soul-root. This is the

The Mystery of Marriage: Indignant Estrange...

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The third and lowest degree of relationship–when the wife is pitted against her husband–corresponds to that between the rasha (wicked person) and G-d. Intentional rebellion against G-d

Mystery of Marriage: Remembering Your Commo...

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Although finding one's soul mate and relating to her as such is no simple matter, there are propitious times for identifying her (i.e., "remembering" her

The Mystery of Marriage – Index

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Other chapters in this series:   Have you found? or Do you find? Finding Eve The Two Trees in the Garden of Eden Cultivating Selflessness

The Mystery of Marriage: Meriting Children

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According to Jewish mysticism, the souls of a husband and wife originate in the same, undifferentiated spiritual essence. The purpose of Jewish marriage is to

The Mystery of Marriage: Mirror Psychology

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The surest way to gauge one's success in the process of self-refinement is to observe his spouse's behavior toward him. Both consciously and unconsciously, she

The Mystery of Marriage: For, With, Against

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Before G-d created Eve for Adam, He said (Genesis 2:19): I will make for him a helpmate opposite him Rashi explains: "If he merits, she is