The Seven Chambers of Prayer in the World o...

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Last week we learned that in our morning prayers, we are in the Chamber of Love from the blessing preceding the Shema Yisrael prayer, Ahavat

The Seven Chambers of Prayer in the World o...

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Translated excerpts from a class given by Rabbi Ginsburgh on the 5th of Av, in honor of the Holy Arizal’s day of passing. The Morning

The Holy Ari: Speaking to Souls

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In his book, Shivchei Ha’Ari, the Arizal’s distinguished student, Rabbi Chaim Vital, relates that the Ari knew all the wisdom in the world. The Zohar

Hoshanot: The Meaning of “Ani Vahu”

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You can view and/or view a PDF version of this article here: Hoshanot: Ani Vahu – PDF Hoshanot One of the high points of the

The Fifty Gates of Understanding

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DATE AND LOCATION Av 5, 5765 | August 11, 2005 in Ascent of Tzfat SUMMARY This lecture was given on the 5th day of the

The Fundamentals of the Inner Dimension of ...

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Iyar 18 , 5766 | May 16, 2006 at the Schwartzie’s, Los Angeles SUMMARY In this three hour long seminar, the fundamentals of Kabbalah and

The Development of Kabbalistic Thought – ...

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The Development of Kabbalistic Thought – Introduction Part 1: The Historical Evolution of Kabbalistic Thought Part 2: A System of Correspondences Part 3:  Evolution (Hishtalshelut) and

The Meaning of the Word Kabbalah – In...

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Part 1 – The “Received Tradition” Part 2 – Kabbalah as “Correspondence” Part 3 – Kabbalah as “Acceptance” Part 4 – Kabbalah and the Book

What is Kabbalah? Index

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What is Kabbalah? Part 1 What is Kabbalah? Part 2 – What is the Origin of Kabbalah and Chassidut? What is Kabbalah? Part 3 – Contemplative Kabbalah

FAQ about Kabbalah and Chassidut: What is t...

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From the time of its revelation at Mt. Sinai, the concealed dimension of the Torah–Kabbalah–was known only to priests and prophets. However, after prophecy ceased