Basics in Kabbalah – What is Kabbalah...

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The Misuse of Kabbalah The power of the soul to affect events in our world, not necessarily by means of Kabbalah Ma’asit (“practical Kabbalah”), is called conscious

Basics in Kabbalah – What is Kabbalah...

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Wisdom and Prophecy More so than the practical tradition of Kabbalah, the contemplative tradition of Kabbalah provides the optimal medium for attaining Divine enlightenment, while

Basic Kabbalistic Flow Chart

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Jewish Meditation Partzufim: Kabbalistic Flow Charts     Return to Table of Contents Basic Kabbalistic Flow Chart The Inner Experience of the Divine Emanations as they

Absolute Nothing, Relative Nothing, Intangi...

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There are two levels of “nothing,” absolute nothing and relative nothing, and two levels of “something,” intangible something and tangible something. Absolute nothing is the

Not a Body

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One of our basic tenets of faith in God, in the words of Maimonides: “He is not a body and not a power in a

Lights of Chaos in Vessels of Order

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The messianic formula: Lights of Chaos in Vessels of Order. Lights of Chaos are great, unbounded lights. They give full, outspoken expression to what one

Eyes of the Congregation

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The sages are called “the eyes of the congregation.” They are visionaries, they are guides, and they open our eyes to see truth. In the

From Afar God Appears to Me

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In one verse King David says: “I place God before me always” (“שויתי הוי’ לנגדי תמיד”). But in another he says: “My sin is before

The Language of Creation

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The Torah has body and soul, law and mystery. Both derive from a common source: the Hebrew language. The first text of Kabbalah is the