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The Moon : Mystery of consciousness

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By ERMlibrarian [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

From Frankenstein to Rectification : Light,...

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Turning darkness into light. Rabbi Ginsburgh takes us on a psychological progression like you've never heard before.  

Special live-broadcast

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Monday 6:00 pm IST

The Kabbalistic Promise of Passover, the mo...

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The Arizal promised that whomever would be careful with chametz during Passover would not sin all year long. How could he make this promise and

The Light and Dark Sides of King Solomon‏

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King Solomon was the wisest of all men. Yet, in spite of his being David's son, who enjoyed peace in his time, and in spite

The Foundations of Maimonides Life and Thou...

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Following Maimonides' incredible work, including his Code of Law, the Guide to the Perplexed, and his medical work, we learn about the many faces of

The Messianic New (World) Order

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Every new chapter of human history was led by three leaders who together created a new order in the world. Before the Mashiach comes, another

Should I be a Jewish patriot or a universal...

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God had compassion on the citizens of Nineveh. Similarly, God said to the angels while the Egyptians were drowning in the Red Sea: how can

19th Of Kislev Farbrengen – Live Broa...

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For live subtitles please check our facebook page when the event will start –

The Needle in the Nose: Evil Kings and Mess...

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Hang onto your seats as you watch Rabbi Ginsburgh's lecture on the evil kings of the past, their incarnations, rectifications, correlation to the light of