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Shemini: The Tabernacle and the Broken Hear...

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After Aaron finished offering the sacrifices and blessed the Nation, it says, “And Moses and Aaron came to the Tent of Meeting and they came

Where is Zaideh? The Secret of a Name

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 Suffering causes the power latent in the Jewish people’s collective soul to be revealed from its potential state. Salvation is not something external to the

Compassionate Thoughts for Distant Daughter

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Q: My daughter has gone overseas and no longer lives a religious lifestyle. I am very upset about this, but she is so far away

7th Day of Pesach: The Illuminating Darknes...

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“And there was the cloud and the darkness and it illuminated the night, and they did not approach one another the entire night”. What illuminated

Pesach Seder: Making Order

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In Rabbi Nachman of Breslev’s story, “The Son of the King and the Son of the Maidservant who were Interchanged,” the son of the king

Q&A: Questions and Redemption

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Q: Why do we open the Seder night with questions? A: The most severe and oppressive exile of the soul is when a person is

Rabbi Mordechai of Neskhizh: Resurrecting t...

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Rabbi Mordechai Shapira of Neskhizh (Nesukhoyezhe, Ukraine) was born in 5602 (1842) to his father, Rabbi Dov Ber. He was the pre-eminent student of Rabbi

Q&A: Kitchen Fires

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Q: Over the past year we have had a series of three kitchen fires. The first time was when my wife put a potholder accidentally

The Wondrous Meaning of an Early Kabbalisti...

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Excerpted and translated from Rabbi Ginsburgh’s farbrengen, Purim 5780.   Click here for Part 1 of this article In his commentary on Sefer Hapelee’ah, Rabbi Shimshon

The Rebbe Rashab: Illuminate the Stars

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Rebbe Shalom Dov Ber Schneerson (the Rashab), the fifth Lubavitcher Rebbe, was the founder of the Lubavitch yeshiva network, Tomchei Temimim, and was called ‘the