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Bewitched: Polygamy, Monogamy and Makeup

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Pirkei Avot Chapter 2 Mishna 7 He would also say: One who increases flesh, increases worms; one who increases possessions, increases worry; one who increases

The Kingmaker: the Wondrous Foresight of Re...

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Rabbi Aharon Roke’ach of Belz – the fourth Rebbe of the Belz dynasty, was born in Elul 5640 (August 1880) in Belz (which was in

Q&A: How Should I Celebrate My Birthda...

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Q: My birthday is coming up. Is there anything special I should be doing on this day? A: The Rebbes of Chabad instituted 10 birthday

Ascent of the Generations

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A translated excerpt from Rabbi Ginsburgh’s words at the Torah Achievement Award Ceremony on 7th of Av 5779, August 8th, 2019.   The sages say

Q&A: Seven Year Old Transgender?

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Q: My 7 year old nephew sees himself as a girl. My sister, a clinical psychologist believes that the only “treatment” for his condition is

Rabbi Hillel of Paritch: Appropriate and In...

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Rabbi Hillel Halevi of Paritch was born in the town of Chemtz in 5555 (1795), to his father Rabbi Meir, who was a Chernobyl Chassid.

And You Thought Eating was a Simple Matter?...

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Rabbi Shimon would say: Three who eat at one table and do not speak words of Torah, it is as if they have eaten of idolatrous sacrifices;

Why Hasn’t Mashiach Come? The three defen...

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Above and beyond all of our mundane worries and anxiety, one all-encompassing anxiety hovers in the air: Why hasn’t Mashiach come? Feeling incapable of dealing

The Shabbat Persona: Wisdom and Understandi...

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Part 3 of a lecture on how Shabbat corresponds to the ten sefirot. Delivered by Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh to a group of young women by

Q&A: Comfort After Death of Baby

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Rabbi Ginsburgh’s words of comfort: May you be comforted from Heaven. Your baby was a precious soul that descended to this world to complete, in