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Rebbe Moshe Teitelbaum of Satmer: Happiness...

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Rabbi Moshe Teitelbaum, the father of the Siget-Satmer dynasty and one of the main disseminators of Chassidut in Hungary, was called the Yismach Moshe, the

Q&A: Alcohol Consumption

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Q: Is imbibing a positive behavior according to Chassidut? A: Consumption of alcoholic beverages can only be positive if they are consumed in small amounts and

The Holy Ari: Speaking to Souls

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In his book, Shivchei Ha’Ari, the Arizal’s distinguished student, Rabbi Chaim Vital, relates that the Ari knew all the wisdom in the world. The Zohar

The Wondrous Mission of the Arizal”s ...

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The holy Rabbi Yitzchak Luria (the Arizal) was born in Jerusalem in 5294 (1533). When he was a young boy, his father passed away and

The Three Weeks: Employing Positive Defense...

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In this amazing lesson which delves deeply into the psyche, Rabbi Ginsburgh expounds upon three stages of dealing or not dealing with guilt and anxiety

Truly No Space Void of God: Rebbe Shlomo of...

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The holy Rebbe Shlomo Halevi of Karlin, HY”D, was born to Rabbi Nachum in 5494 (1738). He was a preeminent student of the Maggid of

Q&A: I’m a Liar

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Q: I have an awful habit of lying. How can I stop and start telling the truth? A: Maimonides explains that if a person wants

The Secret of Synthesis – The Beinoni Par...

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Rabbi Hillel of Paritch, one of the great masters of Divine Service among the chassidim of Chabad had a very keen definition for mitnagdim (those

Q&A: Torah Reading: Why Only Men?

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Q: Are men the only ones allowed to read the Torah to both males and females? I was born to read the Torah in front

A Nation that Dwells Alone (and an interest...

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The last verse in the haftarah (the weekly reading from the Prophets) of parashat Balak reads (Michah 6:8), “It has been told to you, man,