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Searching for my Soul-Mate

Nov 06, 2019Comments off

Q: We are three sisters looking for a shidduch (marriage partner). Please bless us and also advise what we should do spiritually in order to

The Four Archetypical Crises

Oct 31, 2019Comments off

In the Torah portion of Noach, humanity suffers two great crises. The first is the flood – a holocaust that annihilates not only humanity but

Noach: The Secret of the Covenant

Oct 30, 2019Comments off

Ma’ayan Ganim: A Chassidic Perspective for the Torah Portion of Noach   The First Covenant One of the fundamental concepts in the Torah is the

Bye-Bye-Bye: The ‘Eshel Avraham’ of Buc...

Oct 30, 2019Comments off

Rebbe Avraham David Wohrman of Buchach was a Chassidic master, famous for his book, Eshel Avraham, on the Code of Jewish Law (the Shulchan Aruch).

Q&A: Miscarriage

Oct 29, 2019Comments off

Q: We recently suffered a miscarriage and would like to ask if the miscarried fetus has a portion in the World to Come. Will he

Chassidic Marriage Tips

Oct 24, 2019Comments off

Did You Find a Wife or Did You Find Yourself? In the Land of Israel they used to ask the groom under the wedding canopy,

Q&A: Matchmaking According to Names

Oct 24, 2019Comments off

Q: Can the names of a potential couple reveal if they are indeed a good match? A: The determination of whether to wed or not

Rebbe Levi Yitzchak of Berditchev

Oct 23, 2019Comments off

Known as the “the Jewish people’s defense attorney,” Rabbi Levi Yitzchak of Berditchev was one of the greatest disciples of the Maggid of Mezritch, Rabbi

Bereishit: The World Needs a King

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The Torah opens with the word “Bereishit” (In the beginning) but doesn’t tell us in the beginning of what. There are commentaries that write that

Secrets Behind Mankind’s Creation

Oct 22, 2019Comments off

“Let us create man in our image and our likeness.” Who was God addressing before creating man? The sages offer four different answers, the deepest