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Q&A: How to Quit Stealing

Aug 11, 2021Comments off

Q: My young son has been caught stealing candy from the supermarket. What can I do to teach him not to steal? A: In Hebrew,

Rabbi Shialeh of Tchechyov: Broomstick Bles...

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Rabbi Yitzchak Yeshayah (Shialeh) Halberstam of Tchechyov, the youngest son of Rabbi Chaim of Sanz, was born in 5724 (1864). He married Frieda, the daughter

Plenty of Room for Everyone: Pirkei Avot 5:...

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“Our forebearers experienced ten miracles in the Holy Temple… They stood crowded but had ample space to prostrate themselves; never did a snake or scorpion

Q&A: Fingernails at Havdalah

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Q: Why do we inspect our fingernails at the Havdalah ceremony? (Havdalah is the ceremony that ends the Shabbat and ushers in the new week).

Rabbi Aharon of Belz: Striving for Unity

Jul 28, 2021Comments off

Rabbi Aharon Roke’ach of Belz—the fourth Rebbe of the Belz dynasty, was born in Elul 5640 (1880) in Belz (which was in Galicia, Poland at

Q&A: Do Segulot (Charms) Work?

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Q: Can segulot (charms) replace human effort? A: The primary approach to segulot should be:  “Yaga’ta umatzatah.” The outcome of one’s efforts is relative to

Keeping on the Mitzvah Track: Pirkei Avot 4...

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Ben Azzai would say: Run to pursue a minor mitzvah and flee from a transgression, for a mitzvah causes another mitzvah after it and a transgression causes another

Q&A: Gold or Silver Wedding Ring?

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Q: We are getting married soon, and would like to know if there is an inner meaning to whether the wedding ring is of gold

Baseless Love?

Jun 30, 2021Comments off

During the days of mourning for the Temple, we must rectify the reason for the destruction. Our sages teach that the destruction of the Temple

A Portion in the World to Come – Introduc...

Jun 30, 2021Comments off

All of Israel have a portion in the World to Come, as it is stated, “And Your people are all righteous. They shall inherit the land forever. They