The Lights of Iyar

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The 613 Mitzvot – Resources

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Sukah For 7 days from the 15th day of Tishrei to the 21st, we are commanded to dwell in a temporary dwelling called a sukah.

Blessing of the Sun -Birchat Hachamah

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Download the PDF Here: blessing-sun-1

The Six Idioms of the Shema

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Download the PDF here: shema The Shema is the essential statement of Jewish faith, "Hear O' Israel, Havayah is our God, Havayah is One." The first word of the Shema, "hear" (שְׁמַע , shema), has

Love of One's Fellow Jew – Ahavat Yis...

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Rabbi Akiva taught that the love of one's fellow Jew (Ahavat Yisra'el, in Hebrew), commanded in the Torah in the well known verse, "You shall

Honoring Our Father and Mother

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Why do we need to honor our parents? You might ask, what is the question? Who knows what’s good for a child better than their

Kabbalah and the Art of Tying Your Shoelace...

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First put on your right shoe, then your left shoe, then bind your left shoe, and finally bind your right shoe. That's the way Jews