Roadmap to True and Lasting Peace

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More and more countries are establishing diplomatic ties with Israel. Israel has recently established economic ties and mutual projects with countries that, until now, have

Q&A: Ruach Hakodesh for Non-Jews?

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Q: Can a non-Jew be privy to Ruach Hakodesh (God’s holy spirit) upon him? A: The most important rule is to serve God with joy.

Teaching Torah to the World: An Opportunity...

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Rabbi Abahu said in the name of Rabbi Elazar: Why was Abraham punished with having his offspring enslaved in Egypt for 210 years? Because he

Q&A: House of Prayer for Noahides and ...

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Q: Where can Noahides hold prayer sessions? A: A non-Jew should pray only in a place where Hashem the God of Israel is worshipped: A synagogue,

Q&A: What parts of the Torah should No...

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Q: What parts of the Torah should Noahides study? A: The parts of the Torah appropriate for Noahides include the revealed parts of the Torah,

Abraham and Chanukah: Chaotic Lights and Co...

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Abraham began to illuminate the world, and that light returns and illuminates the dark winter days every year on the holiday of Chanukah[1]. Abraham’s affinity

The Three Types of Converts

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Does Judaism encourage conversion? On the one hand, the sages say, “Converts are difficult to the Jewish People like sapachat (a skin ailment)[1].” On the

The Jewish Press Profile on Rabbi Yitzchak...

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By Tzvi Fishman This article was published in the June 7th edition of The Jewish Press The Festival of Shavuot centers about the giving

Torah and Faith for All People: Barcelona P...

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Barcelona Part 3: The Fourth Revolution In the first part of a three-part class delivered in Barcelona on 3 Kislev, 5779 in front of an

מאת גמלאי עיריית טבריה

The Fourth Revolution in Torah Learning

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Who is the Torah intended for? For Torah scholars? For men? For women? For Jews? Perhaps even for non-Jews? As conservative and stringent as the