Deuteronomy – Dvarim

The blessing hidden in the rebuke

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In the final book of the Pentateuch, Sefer Devarim (the book of Deuteronomy), Moses recounted the events that happened to the Jewish people following their Exodus from

Vezot Habrachah: Second Reading

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 Regular Letter sized sheets Our daily meditation will focus on the final verse of the second reading of Vezot Habrachah: “To Benjamin he said: ‘The companion

Resources for Parshat Devarim

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The World's Favorite Mountain Click here to read the full article.  

Parshat Va'etchanan: Articles, Audio, and V...

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Where is the Mashiach?   Click here to read the full article.


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BASED ON A CLASS GIVEN ON MOTZA'EI SHABBAT SHOFTIM  |  SEPTEMBER 10TH, 2005  |  IN CROWN HEIGHTS In the portion of Shoftim, we find one of the